SatoshiDice Review

Bitcoin dice games are simple, fun and easy to access. There is a wide variety of sites that provide the game but they all run on the same basic principle. You first pick a set number and then bet on whether you think your roll will land on a number higher or lower than the number you picked. If you win, your winning return is calculated based on your chances of winning the bet you selected.

Most of these games allow you to pick a set number between 0.001 and 0.999. So if you pick 0.5, the chance of you winning is 50% whether you bet on the roll landing above or below this (not considering the house edge). But if you picked a set number higher than 0.5, let’s say 0.8. The chances of you winning in this case would be much lower, and your winning multiplayer if you did win would reflect this, by being much higher. The basic rule is, the more risky your best, the higher the rewards if you win.

What’s So Good About These Dice Games?

There are quite a few reasons why these games are popular, but here is a quick list of the main reasons:

1.    The bettor has complete control over his odds and how he choses to play. The game’s simplicity is one of its key attractions.

2.    They all run on bitcoins as the currency. This gives gamers very easy access, protection through anonymity and secure / fast payouts.

3.    The house edge is relatively tiny,  at around 1% typically within most dice sites.

4.    Many of the sites will allow gamers to invest in the house bank. This option means that you are siding with the house, taking advantage of the house edge and when the house wins you win.

What Are The Most Important Tips To Know?

●    You Need Bitcoins
If you don’t have any yet you must get some before playing. These dice sites will not use normal currency.  Once you have bitcoins it’s very easy to begin and you will be able to start playing the dice game immediately without delays or having to deal with lengthy sign ups.

●    Stick To The Most Established Sites When Starting Out
There will be a lot of smaller sites trying to jump on the online dice game bandwagon, some of these will be scams. Play it safe and stick to the biggest most popular sites to begin with. These will offer the most stable house bank investments and are geared up to offer great service. We recommend SatoshiDice, now renamed to MegaDice.

●    Chat With Others To Learn Quickly
The other great thing about these dice sites is the fact that many of them are built with great social elements like chat systems for example. This a great way for new players to engage with experienced ones. You can get great tips, and learn a lot by paying attention to the chat screens, and even more by getting involved and networking with others openly.

It might seem quite daunting at first, but you may be pleasantly surprised just how many other gamers are friendly and keen to welcome you to the scene!

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