SafeDice Review

Once you’ve played one bitcoin game, it can feel like you have played them all. They can’t all vary that much, can they? Well, Safedice is one bitcoin game with some new spins on it that make for very interesting play time.

The website for Safedice is quite unique and stands out from other bitcoin websites. The whole design of the website from the layout, to the font, to the colour scheme- all of it is simple in design but oh so aesthetically pleasing for the player, making game time just that little bit more enjoyable. The site even incorporates some animations to help engage the player- nothing too over the top that the site begins to lag though, which is great. In addition, the site is really easy to navigate around, with every additional page and tab being directly linked from the home page, creating easy access.

A unique spin that SafeDice has against other websites is it’s house edge. SafeDice’s house edge is a variable one, not a fixed one. If you’re new to the game of bitcoin this can be a little confusing to wrap your head around at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll see it’s benefits and really appreciate them! The house edge varies with each bet you make, based on the size of the bet and this gives players the potential to make even bigger wins.

With SafeDice, betting is really simple and easy for players both new and advanced. There’s a great range of features available, including quick statistics, hotkeys, halve, double and max wager buttons, hi/lo switchers, an auto betting feature and a roll button that has some very simple (but cool!) animation to it! And you can add your funds from your bitcoin wallet before withdrawing them back into it!

A further unique addition to SafeDice is the fact that it’s available in Chinese as well as in English.

Trustworthiness and finance have both pro’s and cons. When it comes to trustworthiness, there is a tab that allows you to verify all of your rolls to make sure that the result of your bet was gained legitimately and that all of your rolls are fair. However, when it comes to finance, there has been a bit of a problem for all involved with the game. With the option to have a variable house bet, bigger bets can be made as well as extra protection being added to the games bankroll. What’s the problem with this? Well, it means that SafeDice doesn’t always have the chance to make a very large profit.

Overall, SafeDice is a great bitcoin game that has a lots of unique spins on the standard bitcoin game.

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