PrimeDice Review

PrimeDice is one of the more simple bitcoin games that you can play online, featuring gravity, dice and…well, bitcoins! The game is simple- you roll the dice in order to win bitcoins. At first glance the game may seem a little bland, but once you reveal the special features of the game, you’re sure to be enticed in and want to play more!

First of all, the game has not only easy but also instant transactions for both deposits and cash-out’s. Secondly, the game has the lowest house edge among popular online bitcoin games sitting at just 1%! This feature is what really draws players to the game as it’s an excellent perk! Thirdly, there is no minimum bet to the game. Why? Because PrimeDice want to focus on the experience of playing the game and gambling rather than on the risks…or so they claim! Finally, there is no need for a confirmation deposit, meaning you can start playing more quickly and with ease- no faffing around necessary!

The graphics in PrimeDice are not too shabby for such a simple game. The colours used are bright enough to spark an interest in the player but not so bright that they distract from the game and put the player off.

However, with all good reviews there are nearly always bad points and PrimeDice does have it’s fair share of negative points. In terms of the graphics, there isn’t actually a rolling dice when the player is supposedly rolling the dice- rather, there is a bar that shows the player a percentage and then reveals whether you have won or not. This is far less exciting than seeing the actual dice roll for the player and so add’s a touch of boringness to the game.

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Overall, PrimeDice is a great game if you’re looking for a quick and simple way to pass the time- but if you’re looking for a game that provides excitement or something a little more fun, this may not be the bitcoin game for you.

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