How to Play Bitcoin Dice

There are plenty of online gambling games you can try out these days; online casinos have so much choice for people. One of the biggest and most popular online casino games is playing Bitcoin dice. Knowing and understanding how to play this dice game will vastly improve your chances of success.


You might think that Bitcoin dice games are just the same as regular dice games, but they aren’t. Bitcoin games offer much more than 6 possible digits to choose from, for starters. You have hundreds, sometimes even thousands of digits to choose from, and this makes things much more interesting.


In a sense, playing Bitcoin dice has a lot of similarities to binary options trading. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the goal of options trading is to bet that a figure will wind up higher or lower than what it currently reads. In a similar sense, with Bitcoin dice, you have to pick a lucky number, and then bet on whether the dice will roll higher or lower than the number you’ve chosen.


This is a basic breakdown of how to play the bitcoin casino Mega Dice, to give you an idea of where to start:


  • First off, you need to deposit funds into the account and wait for confirmation so you can start gambling.
  • Choose how much you want to wager per bet, and make sure it is above the minimum bet.
  • Select the betting parameters and multiplier you want; there are a few of these, and they are generally things like Profit on Win, Win Chance, etc.
  • Next, you have to choose the lucky number you want to play with, as well as betting whether you think the dice will roll higher or lower.
  • Last, you click Roll Dice in order to complete the turn and see what the outcome is.


Now, one of the big advantages of Bitcoin dice games is that, in addition to being fair and secure, they are easy to play. You are essentially staking your bet, and then betting ‘higher’ or ‘lower.’ This means it’s quite easy to get the hang of the game and understand how it works.


The most enjoyable games are those that are easy to play, and you can certainly get the hang of this pretty easily. It’s easy to see just why people find Bitcoin dice games to be so enjoyable.  


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