A Review Of Rollin.io

Rollin is a dice gaming site that offers bettors fair play, a reasonable house edge and all of the common aspects a gamer would consider important for a dice site. Here we take a look at some of these key areas to identify the good and the bad.

How The Game Works

Just like many other dice game sites, the idea on Rollin is to pick a number and bet on whether the roll will land on a number higher or lower than your pick.

This site, like many others of its kind, uses Bitcoin to gamble. First you’ll have to enter the amount you want to bet, then select your prediction number and finally roll “high” or “low”. Roll high if you think the result will be above your prediction or low if you think it will be under it. The chances of you winning determine your profits if you do win. The lower the chances of your bet being correct, the more you win if you get it right!

The layout and graphics are very user friendly, and it’s a handy feature to have the option of clicking “roll manually” or activating the roll through keyboard controls. Many PC gaming fans will appreciate this little detail.

While most dice game sites offer a fixed house edge of 1%, Rollin offers its users a varying edge. Changing from between 0.8% to 1% depending on the amount of bitcoins you bet per roll. This is yet another little twist that many hardcore fans of dice gaming will enjoy, as over the long run it can offer better value for your bets.

Site Features

Rollin offers dice bettors something a little different to the swarms of other dice gambling websites out there. On Rollin you will notice a little graphic display that constantly shows the latest completed roll. As it is updated the graphic changes color to let you know if you’ve won or lost your last bet.

This may seem like a tiny insignificant feature, but it’s small details like this that can set sites like this apart. Many players will find this small feature engaging and decide to spend most of their time on Rollin because this display provides them the feedback level they want from a dice game.

Signing Up

While it is very common on other gambling sites for players to have to go through lengthy account creation processes before being allowed to start gaming. Many people will enjoy the “pick up and play” approach that Rollin offers. They don’t require a registration and players can get started right away if they already have a bitcoin account setup.

Social Chat And Support

The site provides a very user friendly chat system that allows players to engage, ask questions and share tips. This will be a good first point of call for many that might come across issues they need help with right away.

However to back this up the site also seems to offer a very responsive email support service to players. This is a key element should anything ever go wrong, or if you have any deeper questions you need answered by an expert.

The Final Verdict

If you have tried a few other dice games in the past and are looking for a site that offers new twists and catchy features, Rollin might be a great site to check out.

For newer players, the user friendly build and design of the site will certainly be a big plus. On top of this the customer service and support is as helpful as any other site in the market, so Rollin is not a bad place to start in dice gambling at all.

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